Victorian Gents Toilet  SS10 £4.75 Taxi Mens Hut SS11 £5.00 Station Garage & Pumps SS12 £7.15 Domestic Garage, timber style SS13 £5.00 Tea Kiosk SS14  £5.25 Coal Yard & Hut Area SS15 £5.60 Weighbridge and Hut  SS16 £4.75 Coal Bunkers SS17 £5.25 Shops typical of those found at stations SS18 £5.50 Grotty Huts (2) and Privy SS19 £4.75 Greenhouse and 2 coldframes SS20 £5.50 Lamp Huts (2) with Oil Drums (4) SS22 £6.00 Bicycle Shed SS23 £5.25 Conservatory  SS24 £5.00 Ground Level Signal Box SS29 £5.00 Barn SS30 £6.00 Village forge building built of stone SS31 £5.60 Pagoda Building SS35 £5.25 Dressed Stone Wall, typical victorian style SS36 £5.25 Cattle Creep or Culvert SS38 £4.75 Crossing Keepers Cottage SS39 £7.15 Timber Signal Box SS48 £14.95 Platelayers Hut  SS50  £5.25 Goods Yard Crane SS51 £5.25 Level Crossing Gates SS56 £8.75 Country station platform building SS60 £8.75 Station Platform Ramps (2)  SS62 £5.60 Goods yard Store SS63 £8.75 Small Gents Toilets SS65 £4.75 Public Conveniences  SS66 £9.00 Corrugated Iron Chapel SS70 £12.50 Timber Yard SS73 £14.50 Pill Box  SS74 £5.00 Bus Shelter SS75 £5.30 Quoins / Corner Stones. Four sprues of 8 quoins. SS76 £5.85 Lineside Relay Boxes SS85 £4.25 Concrete Trunking SS87 £4.75 Relay Boxes (2)  SS88 £3.95 Point Rodding Extension Kit SS90 £8.95 Lever/Ground Frame SS91 £8.00 HOME PAGE WILLS SCENIC MATRIALS Scrap Yard SS40 £5.25 Feather Edge Fencing SS41 £5.25 Garden Sheds, wooden SS58 £5.50 Industrial/Retail Unit SSM300 £26.00 Supermarket Frontage SSM310 £11.00 HGV Loading Bay Detail Pack SSM312 £11.00 Wayside Station Ticket Office  SS67 £12.50 Point Rodding Kit SS89 £11.70 Water Tower  with Stone Base Kit SS34 £7.65 Market Traders Stalls (2) Kit SS37 £5.85 Station Canopy Kit SS54 £8.95 Retail Park Unit Frontage SSM311 £8.00 Industrial/Retail Unit Extension SSM315 £10.50 Modern Relocatable Equipment Building SSM320 £5.75 ON ORDER ON ORDER Island Platform Shelter  SS78 £13.60 ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER