HORNBY WAGONS Breakdown Crane and match wagon in BR red R6797 £27.99 Seven plank open wagon  "Phillips, George and Co, Swansea"  R6813 £14.99 ex-LMS horse box M42521 in BR Maroon R6800 £21.99 3 plank open wagon in GWR bauxite R6806 £12.99 4 Plank Wagon 'Westleigh Stone & Lime  Co. Ltd' R6743 £14.99 4 plank wagon 'J & C. H' R6657 £10.50 4 Plank Wagon Coltness Co “432” R6696 £10.95 21 ton hopper wagon "Coalite Fuels" R6808 £16.99 7 plank open wagon "Staveley Caustic Soda" R6811 £14.99 HOME PAGE HORNBY LOCOS HORNBY COACHES HORNBY ACCESSORIES ON ORDER ON ORDER SR Vent Van 44811 in SR bauxite R6775 £14.99 Scottish Gas Board 7 Plank Wagon R6702 £10.95 ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER ON ORDER